I wanted to do a little overview of the last year and which books really made an impact. I chose five of my favorite books I read last year, which all have different reasons and ways in which they affected me. Some because the writing was just amazing, some because it made me think. It’s a bit late to post an overview, I somehow lost December and didn’t have time to write at all.

So a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR. May it bring nothing but good times.

Last summer my boyfriend and I were visiting a friend of his, who is a smart man. My boyfriend is also a smart man. I’d like to think I’m somewhat smart, but my boyfriend is the thinking-about-things kind of smart. Just as this friend who is also an avid reader. He and my boyfriend often talk about books, what the writer has been trying to say and what they think of it. I’m normally just listing to get a new recommendation for my intellectual pile. The last title I got was Nooit meer slapen, by Willem Frederik Hermans. A Dutch book, but translated to English (Beyond sleep is the translated title).

Beyond sleep is about obsession, suffering and getting to know oneself. I found it a hard read especially in the beginning, it really needs some focus to get in there, but after a while, it’s strangely addictive.