Once upon a time, when I was about 13 or so one of my then-friends came over with a movie to watch. ‘The Princess Bride‘ to be specific. I had never heard of it, didn’t necessarily think I’d enjoy it and was more hoping for ‘Pirates of the Caribean‘, because Orlando Bloom. Boy, I was wrong. I fell in love with the movie, but it took me about 14 years to realize it was a book as well. 

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure: The “Good Parts” Version Abridged by William Goldman. Quite a mouthful! In the book, Goldman pretends to be a fan of the book (as it has been read to him by his father, enlighting his interest in books and writing), who wants to inspire his son. He finds the book, gives it to his son who finds it very hard to read. As it turns out, Morgenstern has put a lot more in the book than his dad read to Goldman so he decides to abridge it, as a gift to his son.