She woke up in her bed, like she did every day. And like every day, she;d feel the weight on her, crushing her from the moment she woke. A weight, wrapping her in a dark cloud that never seemed to go away. Her days were covered in darkness, shadowing everything and everyone she’d run into. Even the happiest moments weren’t colorful, but simply grey, a lesser dark. She would get herself out of bed in the morning, go to work and sometimes even for drinks with friends, but the feelings never seemed to reach her completely. A feeling of happiness, how big or small as it was, would give a small splash of color, but only for a second before the darkness would take over again.

Shining.  A bright light in the distance, so bright it was already hurting her eyes from far away. Even though it was too bright, it had a warmness radiating from it. Not like a fire, but an inviting and comfortable warmth. Like a cosy, calm living room, where the family is just having dinner at the table. A little boy enthusiastically telling about his day at school, how he learned to write the first five letters of the alphabet and how his teacher gave him an award for being at the top of his class. His parents locking eyes over his head, smiling, while the corners of their eyes go up the tiniest amount, but just enough to notice. The slightly older girl feeding small amounts of her plate to the dog, who’s been lying patiently under the table waiting for the smallest crumb to fall of the table.