I wanted to do a little overview of the last year and which books really made an impact. I chose five of my favorite books I read last year, which all have different reasons and ways in which they affected me. Some because the writing was just amazing, some because it made me think. It’s a bit late to post an overview, I somehow lost December and didn’t have time to write at all.

So a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR. May it bring nothing but good times.

The ending of a good book is like the ending of an era, you’re leaving friends behind and that can be hard. The last words can give some closure or be super frustrating.

You should go, she says. I’ll always be here. You know that.

(Sally Rooney – Normal People)

What defines a ‘normal person’? Is that when you have the same ideas and opinions as everyone at your high school, but then: what happens when you leave home and get out in the world? Or are you more normal when you’re unapologetically you, even if that means people don’t understand you?

The book is a story about love, but it’s not a romance. No prince or princess, and a whole lot of real world. It’s about growing up, leaving life as you knew behind and moving on, about fate and how to deal with that. I hadn’t heart about Sally Rooney before, but I saw a review of the book in a newspaper and it spiked my interest so I went out and bought it.