Weight: don’t want to know, Cigarettes: 0, alcohol unit consumed while reading this novel: 0, alcohol units needed while reading this novel: over 9000,  amount of moments putting down book to calm down: 5.

Typical  Bridget: clumsy, easily distracted and neurotic. Cooking spaghetti and the tv remote still proves to be hard, and now even harder with the distracting offered by two kids and twitter. When we left Bridget in the Edge of reason, we left with hope for a happy ending. Not just for Bridget, but for every person who’s desperately looking for a partner and a place in the world. Which didn’t happen and now she’s a 52-year-old widow with two kids and a mobile phone.

Weight: undisclosed (scale broke), Cigarettes: 0, alcohol unit: 0 (still have to do job and keep said job), calories: +/- 0 before lunch (Intermittent fasting, luckily no calories in smell), excitement levels: HIGH.


The Edge of Reason is based on Persuasion by Jane Austen and follows the basic storyline: Girl is in love but is convinced that they should not be/he wants to break up. This all goes down in the typical Bridged Jones way and with very little proper communication. (small disclosure:  have not yet read Persuasion…)

Once upon a time, there were videotapes instead of DVDs. And places to rent those tapes, where my sister found ‘Bridget Jones Diary‘. Or maybe it was Edge of reason first, I don’t really remember. Anyway, we met Bridget Jones totally random and fell in love straight away.
Embarrassing detail: It took me about 10 years to realize that Bridget Jones is based on Pride and Prejudice. 

I pretty sure everybody knows who Bridget Jones is, even when all you know is that Bridget Jones is ‘that’ film. Which was amazing, Renee Zellweger will forever be Bridget Jones in my eyes. It was just too perfect. In short: Bridget Jones is about a woman in her thirties, who is very naive, funny and insecure. It takes places in the nineties when you could still smoke everywhere and there was no internet nor cell phones. Landlines were still very much used and there was no caller-id, but 1471 to check who called you last. Needless to say: it was used a lot in the book.

This will be the first out of a series of three, with next week Bridget Jones: Edge of reason!