Once upon a time, there were videotapes instead of DVDs. And places to rent those tapes, where my sister found ‘Bridget Jones Diary‘. Or maybe it was Edge of reason first, I don’t really remember. Anyway, we met Bridget Jones totally random and fell in love straight away.
Embarrassing detail: It took me about 10 years to realize that Bridget Jones is based on Pride and Prejudice. 

I pretty sure everybody knows who Bridget Jones is, even when all you know is that Bridget Jones is ‘that’ film. Which was amazing, Renee Zellweger will forever be Bridget Jones in my eyes. It was just too perfect. In short: Bridget Jones is about a woman in her thirties, who is very naive, funny and insecure. It takes places in the nineties when you could still smoke everywhere and there was no internet nor cell phones. Landlines were still very much used and there was no caller-id, but 1471 to check who called you last. Needless to say: it was used a lot in the book.

This will be the first out of a series of three, with next week Bridget Jones: Edge of reason!

Besides the dinosaur mania, as explained here and here, I had a Disney phase. Which, just like the dinosaurs, is still lingering under the surface, but nowadays I’m more interested mostly the darker versions of the movies. I just like dark stories (Also one of the reasons I loved reading ‘Trainspotting’). Anyway. The lost boy isn’t actually that dark, but more gloomy and darker than the Disney version of Peter Pan. Shamefully I must admit that it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie and that I’m only currently reading the original novel by J.M Barrie.

The story is Peter Pan is known by pretty much everyone, I assume. A young boy doesn’t want to grow up and lives in Neverland. He has a band of young boys, called the lost boys. In this novel the origin of Captain Hook is ‘ explained’, so he doesn’t exist yet, neither do Wendy and her brothers.

Literally, because I’ll talk you back to my childhood for a bit. There are phases in life you

Dinosaur I can handle

grow out of, like wanting to be like Barbie and live in my little pony world. There are some you never grow out, like freaking out when there is a cat because omg that’s a cat and it needs cuddles. And then there are the phases you kinda forget until something reminds you. Like how I was into dinosaurs when I was younger and used to carry a brachiosaurus around (a toy one, mind you). Somewhere in my dino-phase, I went to see one of the Jurassic Park movies in the cinema and it freaked me out. Everything with people being hunted makes me uneasy. So I stopped watching the big screen and watched the movie in a reflection because small dinosaurs hunting people are less frightening, and stuck with Dinosaur, the Disney movie.

A while ago I found this book in my dad’s bookcase. Before that I didn’t realize it was a book, I knew of the movie (never saw it though), and just never thought it was based on a book. How ignorant of me! Anyway, since I’d heard of the movie (more specifically of Mia Farrow’s haircut on ANTM) I needed to read it asap. So I did!

I think pretty much everybody knows the basics of the story: A girl named Rosemary is married to a guy named Guy, who is a struggling actor, and moves into the Bramford. Here they meet the Castavets, a strange elderly couple and life will never be the same again

So last week I shared my plan for the weekly book talks with you, and this week I didn’t write one. Off to a great start, this is! I wanted to take the week to write it, think it over, rewrite, think it over again, but I couldn’t decide what book to choose. I didn’t want to pick an old book or a Dutch book and I wanted something original to say about the book. So I looked at my pile of books, eliminated all that didn’t fit these criteria and ended up with zero books to write about. In the end, I’ve decided to talk about the last book I read: ‘Anna’ by Niccolò Ammaniti, an Italian writer. The main reason I read this book was the title, my name is Anna as well and I like (pretty much) anything with my name.