My first Russian masterpiece! Or at least the first I finish, once upon a time I started reading ‘Lolita’ but I never managed to get through it. The spectre of Alexander Wolf is not typical ‘Russian’ as I always hear people talk about: long, loads of characters with many names and very intense. I’m still gathering the courage to start ‘Anna Karenina’.

However, my boyfriend got this book as a present, read it and gave it to me to read it. He specifically mentioned it’s not like Lolita, or other Russian literature so ‘I would probably like it’. He was right. The story starts in the Russian Civil War with an incident, which haunts the protagonist for the rest of his life. He moves to Paris, but can’t escape his past, especially when he reads a story detailing exactly what happened to him in the civil war, but written from the perspective of his victim.