ImageWhen I tell people I’ll be going to Australia for six months, the most react with some variation on I wouldn’t dare to do that/’That’s so brave/I would be shitscared’, After which they sort of expect to say someting like, while lookign very herotic and brave, that I’m not scared at all/ I don’t know the meaning of fear/ Homesickness is for the weak (which I don’t think, just to be clear). And I tell them variation on that, I tell them that I can’t wait to leave Holland again.


ImageI got my visa! Finally! So much trouble, but it all worked out. As you all know, well the ones who actually read my blog, for the visa I wanted I needed to be nominated by the organization. Before the organization can nominate somebody, they need to be a sponsor, which ‘my’ organization told me they were. So I looked into all the forms and things that needed to be filled out ect, which took forever. Which gave me a lot of stress, but I managed to fill everything out and add all the documents that needed to be added. The organization faxed it to the goverment, and got a email back stating that they weren’t a approved sponsor for that visa number. Appereantly there are different sponsortypes for different visa. Who knew.