The ending of a good book is like the ending of an era, you’re leaving friends behind and that can be hard. The last words can give some closure or be super frustrating.

Inspired by ‘the unemployed philosophers guild‘, I’m starting a new series focussed on the last line of a book. So I’ll be sharing my favorite last line and explain a bit why I like them. Let’s start with my favorite book ever:

After all, tomorrow is another day.

(Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the wind)

My last ‘weekly’ book talk (which I now alter to just ‘book talk’) was about Jurassic Park, and the nightmares I got from the book. I haven’t dug up my Brachiosaurus (yet), I also haven’t started studying dinosaurs for real, but I did look up dino-suits. And they are awesome. It started with a youtube movie of a T-rex jumping in a boat (see here), which lead to me and my colleague laughing for 5 minutes and then me looking up other dino-suits. Turns out there are also suits for the Diplodocus (I’m serious, I need that).

So obviously, reading Jurassic Park has fueled my dino-loving side enough that it’s willing to come out again. It also helps that my colleagues are nerds like me who also watch all the movies, and with the new one coming out we talk about it. I also ordered the second book, the lost world.

She woke up in her bed, like she did every day. And like every day, she;d feel the weight on her, crushing her from the moment she woke. A weight, wrapping her in a dark cloud that never seemed to go away. Her days were covered in darkness, shadowing everything and everyone she’d run into. Even the happiest moments weren’t colorful, but simply grey, a lesser dark. She would get herself out of bed in the morning, go to work and sometimes even for drinks with friends, but the feelings never seemed to reach her completely. A feeling of happiness, how big or small as it was, would give a small splash of color, but only for a second before the darkness would take over again.

Shining.  A bright light in the distance, so bright it was already hurting her eyes from far away. Even though it was too bright, it had a warmness radiating from it. Not like a fire, but an inviting and comfortable warmth. Like a cosy, calm living room, where the family is just having dinner at the table. A little boy enthusiastically telling about his day at school, how he learned to write the first five letters of the alphabet and how his teacher gave him an award for being at the top of his class. His parents locking eyes over his head, smiling, while the corners of their eyes go up the tiniest amount, but just enough to notice. The slightly older girl feeding small amounts of her plate to the dog, who’s been lying patiently under the table waiting for the smallest crumb to fall of the table.

A couple months ago I was bored, I didn’t had to go to the university so much and spend loads of time at home with Pooky. I started a small ‘project’ (mainly just because I was bored and thoughed it was hilarious) for which I decided to draw superhero costumes on my cat. I still think it is hilarious, and made some more. I like them, a lot. Probably, I’m laughing the hardest out of everybody, since I’m still laughing when I see them. So, I decided it was time to share my genious creation with everybody :). (My favorite is the ‘Robin Hood’ one, and especially the moustache I gave her).