Famous last words

The scar had not pained Harry for 19 years. All was well.

 JK Rowling – Harry potter and the deadly hallows

The ending of a good book is like the ending of an era, you’re leaving friends behind and that can be hard. The last words can give some closure or be super frustrating.

Harry Potter shaped my life in more ways than one. I was around 7 when the first book came out, so just old enough to read it (with my mom, I reckon), understand it and to grow up while hoping for my Hogwarts letter (it did not come). Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix was the first book I tried reading in English (with a dictionary, looking up each word). It was also the first fandom I really got into, with me, my brother and my mum even going to a book release event (the only one I ever went to) for the third book. 

Inspired by ‘the unemployed philosophers guild‘, I’m starting a new series focussed on the last line of a book. So I’ll be sharing my favorite last line and explain a bit why I like them.