Famous last words

The ending of a good book is like the ending of an era, you’re leaving friends behind and that can be hard. The last words can give some closure or be super frustrating.

Inspired by ‘the unemployed philosophers guild‘, I’m starting a new series focussed on the last line of a book. So I’ll be sharing my favorite last line and explain a bit why I like them.

And I step up, into the darkness within; or else the light.

(Margaret Atwood – The handmaid’s tale)

I choose the end of ‘Offred’s’ story, as opposed to the epilogue’s ending. Why? Because you follow ‘Offred’ during the novel, so it’s only fitting to have her last words. And it took me quite a while to realize there was an actual epilogue.

This line really shows ‘Offred’s’ reality. She’s going into the unknown, without any clue whether she’s taken prisoner or being released. I found this line very frustrating since I wanted to know what’s going to happen to her. The epilogue helped a bit, but the beauty (and horror) of this novel is the number of answers left unanswered.


What’s your favorite line?