Book talk: The world is lost, lost, lost.

My last ‘weekly’ book talk (which I now alter to just ‘book talk’) was about Jurassic Park, and the nightmares I got from the book. I haven’t dug up my Brachiosaurus (yet), I also haven’t started studying dinosaurs for real, but I did look up dino-suits. And they are awesome. It started with a youtube movie of a T-rex jumping in a boat (see here), which lead to me and my colleague laughing for 5 minutes and then me looking up other dino-suits. Turns out there are also suits for the Diplodocus (I’m serious, I need that).

So obviously, reading Jurassic Park has fueled my dino-loving side enough that it’s willing to come out again. It also helps that my colleagues are nerds like me who also watch all the movies, and with the new one coming out we talk about it. I also ordered the second book, the lost world.

The second book starts a couple of years after the drama in Jurassic Park has happened, and revolves around Malcolm. This means that my fave character Mr. Grant is out of the picture. I was a bit disappointed with that, but it’s also fun to see a different side to Ian Malcolm, and he turns out to be kind of an ass, most of the times.

Even though he supposedly died at the end of Jurassic Park, he didn’t but ‘some media


said he did’ and ‘ the doctors worked wonders on him’. He’s back in America, teaching math and having a fling with a scientist whose super cool and spends all her time in Africa studying lions and hyenas. Besides them, there is a paleontologist Richard Levine, who’s basically a super smart, spoiled kid, but in the body of a rich, grown man.

Levine had heard about some weird animals showing up around Isla Sorna and decides to go investigate, but doesn’t tell anybody, so Malcolm, his girlfriend who isn’t his girlfriend anymore, 2 kids and some other people have to go save him. Dodgson (the villain from part 1) shows up as well, really has no clue into dinosaurs or any predator really and is not opposed to murder.

The main difference between part 1 en this one, is that in part 1 they have no idea what they’re getting into. In the Lost World, however, they know that very well and it just feels stupid. Why would anyone go back to the place where you almost died? That feeling stayed with me during the whole book, and it makes the characters look stupid. (I must admit that Crichton actually really tries to make it believable and almost succeeds, but is just not convincing enough. Too bad though, because I like his style and obviously the dinosaurs.)

Another thing I missed, or maybe tried too hard to find, is Malcolm’s smartass comments about his chaos theory. In part 1, the chaos theory seems to be Malcolm’s life, basically and it went missing in part 2. But maybe it was there and I didn’t see it since I am absolutely no mathematician or smart enough to understand subtle references to it.

What I really liked about this book, and the last one, is that there’s always a smart female in it. In Jurassic Park, it was Ellie Sattler, and here it’s Sarah Harding. The two kids involved are super smart as well (that’s how they got involved), and the girl idolizes Sarah Harding. Eventually also gets a pep talk about why girls should pursue their dreams if they’re smart, and not just look pretty. That’s a really awesome message to send to readers, and I’m glad that it’s a nerdy book about dinosaurs and math theories and smart people. And properly written.

So even though it’s not as amazing as Jurassic Park OG was, it’s still pretty great and I am glad to have read it.

One super weird thing though: Malcolm mentions that they all got some ‘ compensation’ from InGen, which in his case is 2 years of hospital bills paid. But, wouldn’t that be logical? It’s InGen’s fault he was there, they bred the dinosaurs and didn’t properly checked how to deal with them, so wouldn’t it be their fault he almost died? And wouldn’t that mean that the hospital bills should be covered by them no matter what?

Any thoughts on Jurassic Park or Malcolm’s financial compensation? Let me know!