Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

The ghost was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ghostWhy? Because she was hungry and the guy she was currently haunting didn’t buy any other type of food. Sometimes she wondered if it was worth it, haunting this guy. He didn’t have an exciting life, barely went outside and spent most of the day behind his computer, pushing buttons and jelling at other, unknown people. But it was something to past the time and stop her from thinking too much.

Why he was yelling so much she couldn’t understand, but it had been so long since she was one of the living that she no more knew what normal behavior was. She thought that eating an peanut butter and jelly sandwich was normal, although it was 2am so maybe her timing was wrong?

She had seen people getting mad over things that were perfectly normal in the Next. Vaguely she remembered entering the Next and how unreal it all seemed. It didn’t look very different from the living world, but there was a haziness surrounding everything and she wasn’t able to look past it. Even now the edges of the world were covered in a sort of mist, which still bothered her. Thinking about her crossing made something inside her clench.

Trying to shake the uneasy feeling, she focussed on her sandwich. This would have to last her for a while, stealing food from the living without them knowing wasn’t an easy task. A little sad she put the last bite of her sandwich in her mouth and looked at her fingers. Besides the crumbs the white scars on her fingers were showing, marking the spot they were cut of. Luckily it was common in the Next to pretend not to notice things like that, so the others ghosts pretended not to see. Her face probably looked worse anyway. She had seen the ghost of people who were murdered, it wasn’t a pretty sight. She was one of the lucky ones, all her limbs showed up attached to her in the Next, that didn’t happen all the time. Missing fingers, toes and noses were pretty regular.

Sighing, she looked back at the guy. Major Sergeant Dog, he just introduced himself to one of the people in his computer. That wasn’t a popular name when she was still there, but then again: maybe things had changed and she didn’t belong there anymore.