A mad hatter

Thin stripes of hair, which have to pass as his eyebrows, are plastered upon the top of his head as if they’re trying to get away from the wide open, glaring eyes who can’t seem to decided whether they love or hate the sheets of music placed in front of them, resulting in them being either glued to the papers or leaning as far away as possible. Under these haunting eyes a beak of a nose appears, followed by  well-kept, but slightly rebellious grey beard.

His neck, and his upper body, is tense, completing -in combination with his appearance, open mouth and expessional style of playing, the mad professor look.  He’s swirling around in his chair, sometimes almost touching the pianokeys, while hitting them like he’s having a fit, but effortlessly going over an stiff and almost majestic pose.

The only constant part of his performance are his buttocks, firmly plastered onto the precisely placed office chair