Winter Wonderland

The last year and a half I’ve been hopping from winter to winter. I left in January 2013 for Australia, which was at the end of the Dutch winter. In Australia the summer just ended and winter started to roll in. Since I’m used to the Dutch weather, Australia was a paradise to me, even though the summer was gone. At the end of my stay there, August of 2013, the Australian winter was over and the weather was warming up (down in Melbourne and Sydney) of getting wetter (In Cairns). In the Netherlands, the summer ended (obviously). This time I left in April, when the weather here was starting to get nice. However in Australia, summer was really over. I spend the whole Australian winter in Sydney, and where all my Australian friends kept commenting that it was so cold, for me it was more of a bad summer.

I used to say that I loved summer way more that winter. That winter was too cold and the days were too short. Now, after spending a summer in Australia that changed. I actually missed the winter and the cold. Coming back in September was hard, not only because of the weather, In Sydney the sun was warming up the earth and summer was peeking around the corner. In the two months since I’ve been back I’ve spend quite a lot of time outside, and the weather was rocking but it didn’t get really cold.  That changed now.

Winter is officially here, just in time for Christmas. I love the cold, even though I must admit that when I’m sitting inside I do not want to go out. I love being outside and have the cold nibble on my face and skin. Like there are tiny needles poking holes into my face, arms and eventually through my clothes and into my legs. Breathing in the air and feeling my trachea get shocked and cold. I hate being cold, but I love the feeling of cold air.

At the moment it’s not that cold, between 5 and -1 degree celcius, but I’m hoping for some real cold and snow! Fingers crossed!