Only light can drive out darkness

She woke up in her bed, like she did every day. And like every day, she;d feel the weight on her, crushing her from the moment she woke. A weight, wrapping her in a dark cloud that never seemed to go away. Her days were covered in darkness, shadowing everything and everyone she’d run into. Even the happiest moments weren’t colorful, but simply grey, a lesser dark. She would get herself out of bed in the morning, go to work and sometimes even for drinks with friends, but the feelings never seemed to reach her completely. A feeling of happiness, how big or small as it was, would give a small splash of color, but only for a second before the darkness would take over again.

But this morning, when she woke up and her cat jumped on her bed for his morning cuddle, like he always did, there was something different. She could actually see his orange fur, in all it’s color. Brightly it stood out to the background of darkness. And as he pushed his head against her arm and formed a little ball against her body, she could see his color, feel the heat that was radiating off him and feel the love he gave her in that moment. Even more surprising was that, even after she’d gotten out of bed and into the shower, she’d still feel a fraction of the love he gave her, deep inside her. And she knew that today was going to be different, maybe less dark.