The world will be in love with the night

Shining.  A bright light in the distance, so bright it was already hurting her eyes from far away. Even though it was too bright, it had a warmness radiating from it. Not like a fire, but an inviting and comfortable warmth. Like a cosy, calm living room, where the family is just having dinner at the table. A little boy enthusiastically telling about his day at school, how he learned to write the first five letters of the alphabet and how his teacher gave him an award for being at the top of his class. His parents locking eyes over his head, smiling, while the corners of their eyes go up the tiniest amount, but just enough to notice. The slightly older girl feeding small amounts of her plate to the dog, who’s been lying patiently under the table waiting for the smallest crumb to fall of the table.

It’s like a warm summer day, lazily spend in the park. The sun shining through the leaves, colouring the world in its soft, affectionate light.  A group of friends laughing, talking. A small barbeque sizzling, wine being poured into glasses, beer bottles opened. The moment when that special friend grabs your hand and won’t let go, for the whole world to see. It’s the smile spreading on your face, coming from within. The kind that’s unstoppable, that just keeps spreading on your face and body.

The sight of the light, the realization it was there made her heart, her whole body ache to be there, to be part of the light. She leaned forwards, trying to get her body to move. Her knee would bend, but her foot stayed on the ground. Pulling, she tried to get it off. Her heel would lift into the air, but her toes stayed glued to the ground.

Desperately she tried to get her other foot of the ground, shifting her weight to her other leg. She leaned forwards, as much as she dared.

No effect.

Both her feet stayed stuck to the ground, while the struggle made her body feel tired. Exhausted, she threw all her weight forward, trying to launch herself into the seemingly thick air. All the power generated by her body made her fall forwards, landing on her hand and knees. Stuck, not being able to get anything lifted off the ground anymore, all she could do was watch the light shine, sparkling and inviting.

Suddenly, she felt something cold toughing the inside of her wrist, which made her jerk her arm. This was when she realized that the ground had risen and started to swallow her up. As the panic took over her body, her mind couldn’t tear away from the mysterious light, still longing to reach that point. Her body started to jerk, trying to free itself from the rising ground but that only made her sink faster. The moment the ground reached her head, she was pulled down by an unknown force. Her body started falling and turning through the emptiness that wasn’t solid ground anymore but neither thin air.

After a while the darkness wore of and there was a faint glow of light, which made her realize that her eyes were closed. She tried to open her eyes, which cost more energy and strength than expected. While struggling to open her eyes, her other senses started working again and she registered a faint bleeping sound, sending out a signal in a regular pace.

When she did manage to open her eyes, a white, hard light filled her eyes and she heard someone yelling ‘She’s back!’


(Title is a line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)