Getting fat and loving it.

Here I am again! Finished all my exams (well, the one I had, passed it though!),  wrote all of the papers (which I somehow all finished on time) and did the presentations. So now it’s waiting for my grades, but I’m feeling fairly confident. Well, atleast somewhat confident. I think….

Anyway, today I was walking throught the city (always exciting) and I was in the candy store. In this store, which isn’t the greatest candy store or anything, but at the back they do have a section with ‘American candy’. Now I have a weakness for foreign candy, I hear about different candy’s a lot, since they talk about it on movies, blogs, vlogs and more. I loved this when I was in Australia, where the candy was so different than in Holland. M&M’s with peanutbutter, coconut, almonds. Different flavours of Fanta, popcorn with butter flavour, candybars with peanutbutter. Bubble tea, KInder bueno ice cream. I loved it.

Today I saw a karton of confettti cupcake flavoured Pop tarts. (Well, they had six different kind of flavours, like strawberry, cinnamon brow sugar, chocolate brown fudge and more which I forgot. It was quite overwelming.) So I decided to buy a pack, I just need to taste it.

So now I’m sitting here at home, with 8 Pop tarts, while being slightly afraid to eat it. Might be that I’m going to like it so much that I’ll be sorry when I ate it because I’ll have less, or I’ll hate it and I’ll have wasted too much money. Dillema’s. Anyway, I’ll go pop one into the microwave and try yet another piece of American food. I might write another story about the experience….

(One last tip, everybody should at least eat TimTams at one point in their life. They’re the best. Or M&M’s with peanut butter.)