Visum = a big pain in the ass

It’s been very quiet , way too quiet, on my blog lately. I’ve had an extremely important exam (which I’m pretty sure I fucked up 😦 ), an resit essay (it was the forth time I’ve been writing that crappy thing. Don’t know why I can’t write that particually essay properly..) and now I’m writing an 20 page research paper, which has to be finished on the 20th. I’m on page 1.5. Going strong!

Anyway, I’ve just been looking at a visum for Australia, which must be the worst thing ever. I used up my working holiday last year, so now I need to be nominated by the company -which I’ve no idea if they’d be willing to do that-. And it takes forever. Urgh. I actually called the embassy, and I managed to become the 14th person in line. I’ve never stayed on the phone to wait that long, normally I hang up. Guess it shows how useful I tought it would be, in which I was mistaken. The woman who answered my called, sounded extremely and utterly bored. Like she could fall asleep any second. I did my little story about my internship ect, and she’s just sitting there like ‘uhuh, hmm, uhuh. Well you need this visum and they need to sponsor you. They know how to do it. And if they don’t, let them call this number. Any questions?’  Like yeah, how does this visum work and how do I apply? ‘Well, you get a number probably and with that you can apply. Have a nice day’. And that was it. So I still don’t really know how to apply, except that I know it’s by paper – which is so 2009-. I did e-mail the company I’d be working at, so hopefully they’ll know what to do. (I’ve never been nominated for anything, so it is quite exciting)

And that visum is expensive. Like, pretty expensive for someone who isn’t going to get payed. Which is me of course. I do hope the Australian dollar stays like this, cause that’s very good for me! (Yes, I am very selfish.)

All by all, I can’t wait to go back to Australia!