To moving forward

New Years eve 2012. After a busy day, full of getting the last things, me and my friend started getting ready. Dressing up, she did my make-up (Still don’t know why) nad curling our hair (which lasted for about 5 minutes in my hair…). Other friends came over, we (well, me) started cooking dinner and after we played some games to kill the time. Before this night everybody was very excited and looking forward to it, but in the end it was quite boring. The whole ‘New Years eve’ hype is lost on me.

Almost everywhere you’ll get hypes up about New Years eve, clubs have special nights, there are special parties, special food and tv shows. Everything is suddenly very festive which comes – ofcourse- at a higher price. People talk about ‘the new them’ and how they’re going to change, even though everybody knows it’s not happening.  The days leading up to New Years are filled with 12 year old kids who think throwing fireworks at people makes them equal to Jay-Z and Tupac.

Where my friends love to go to pubs on New Years eve, I hate it. It’s extremely crowded, you pay loads of money just to get in which doesn’t include drinks, every person inside is waaay to drunk and irritating. This year I tried to convince my friend to stay home with me, but she wouldn’t.  My original plan was to stay home with the misses, but in the end I went to my dad’s. Turned out to be a pretty okay night, ate way to much and drank not so much. Went to bed relatively early, woke up early. No real resolutions except graduating university and hanging out with a friend more. (And see the Australian boy loads, but that’s a secret. Sst!) 

I wish you all the best for the new year, may it be good and loads of fun!