I want adventure in the great wide somewhere

Over the years I’ve been dreaming of leaving and moving away. Traveling the world, seeing different places and have adventures. I loved reading book in which the main character experiences a life changing occurence.  My favorite disney movie used to be Beauty and the beast and the little mermaid. Following your heart and leaving everything behind, finding your own place in the world. I guess I’ve been missing that.

It started off as just a vaque wish that I never thought to come true, like when you’re dreaming about riding an unicorn or studying at hogwarts. Not expecting for it to ever come true, for dreams like that are mostly for either very rich people or very talented ones. I am neither.  Over the years the wish became a dream, especialy after highschool and two of my classmates went to the USA for a year of college. I didn’t. Secretely I was scared, not knowing wheter I would actually like it or not, not ready to let go of my dream to face reality.

I regretted that decision so much, that when I started university, I promised myself -and the world- that I would go away for my internship. My first idea was to go to New York to complete my internship, but I ended up in Sydney. Best decision ever. I loved it there.

Why, I don’t know. The people are lovely, friendly and fun to be around. I met an amazing girl there, who happens to love pretty much the same things as I do. Besides that I met this guy, who even came over to my place in Holland. While traveling I saw the best and prettiest places I could ever inmagine. I did thing I never thoughed I would, like
golfing or skinny dipping in the sea.Image

And now I’m back in Holland, back to my ‘normal’  life. Which it is. It’s not bad but so common. It’s chocking me, every day has the same routine; getting up in the morning, go to school, come home and do homework. And after this it will be go to work and come home. Buy a house, get married and start a family. Nothing wrong with it, just not what I want. I want passion, fire. Something big!

So, I can’t wait to be back in Australia this April!