When even the cat is noticing it…

So much stress! And I know heaps of people are thinking that ‘a university student can’t have that much stress’ and that ‘the realImage life is so much worse’, but I’m still stressing out about everything. My classes are pretty busy, and especcially the project we’re currently in takes up so much time. Nobody really knows what to do and since I’m in charge, it all depends on me to fix it. Which I can’t since I’m not getting the information they want me to get, which sucks. 😦

Besides this, since I’m almost done with my university course, I need to find a place to finish my last assignment at. This is hard enough in the Netherlands (According to my friends here) but I desperately want to go back to Australia, which is even harder to get a placement. I signed in for a agency that finds placements for you, since I don’t think I’ll be able to find one on my own, and now my dad is dissappointed in me, because of it. Which doesn’t help with the stress level. 

So, if anybody know a company in Australia (perferably around Sydney/Newcaslte ) with a problem/ obsetacle I can help with (doing research and come up with a advice for the company) I’d be so, so happy to hear it! 🙂