Lonely nights, weird dreams

It´s 10.15 AM over here, and I am just about get out of bed since the misses (Pooky) wants food. But before she gets to eat, I wanted Imageto tell you about the weird ass night I just had. First off, I’ve been so hot all night. It feels like my head is cooking my eyeballs, with a side serve of baked tongue. So I couldn’t sleep last night. I had my window open and my heater off,but I was so hot. I always watch movies before I go to sleep, so I was watchin Criminal MInds. (For those who do not know, it’s a serie about the Behavioural analysis unit of the FBI). Halfway trough an episode I fell asleep and dreamt I was on a boat with my best friend and an Australian friend.

We shared a room and I was on the computer, talking to the Australian boy, when my Australian friend, who is a girl, comes in with a group of people I’ve never seen before, but somehow I didn’t liked them from the start. So we ran away for this group and the next thing I know, we’re in a schoolbus. (Which is weird, I’ve never been in a schoolbus before). There is no driver, the bus is standing still and my Australian friend is gome. I’m sitting next to my best friend, and when I turn to talk to her, half her body is covered in long dark brouwn hairs. So I tell here: ‘Dude, wtf. You’re turning into a werewolf’ and try to touch the hair. At that point she grabs my arm and starts to eat it. Or try to eat it. I’m not sure if she actually got a bit. So obviously, I run out of the bus. AND THE BUS STARTS DRIVING. WITHOUT A DRIVER.

I could handle all the weird disappearances, my best friend who tried to eat me but not the bus that drove away without a driver. So I started freaking out, hands in my hair (which you don’t feel, since it’s a dream), yelling for help, when I realise that it is a dream and that to wake up from a dream you should close your eyes. Which I did. And that was weird.

Sometimes in a movie, when the head character is desperate or sad, he/she would close her eyes and the camera moves in a circle around him/her. That’s how it felt like when I closed my eyes in my dream, like I was turning around, while still being in the character of my dream, so I actually toughed it  didn;t work and I would still be standing on the street. And then I opend my eyes. And I saw my window, with the weird reddish clouds in the sky and I woke up my cat whow as laying next to me and got mad for waking her up. 

SO yeah, this was the first time I actually realised that I was dreaming, while dreaming, I have a lot of weird dreams, maybe I’ll post them up here in a top 10 or something….Sounds like a good idea. But now, Pooky is in the process of ‘dying’ so I might need to feed her,,,,