Once upon a time in Sydney

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Just a normal, average girl, with no special talents or looks. She wasn’t especially smart, or rich. People liked her, but they never loved or missed her in their lives. She herself did enjoyed the company of others, but spend most her time alone, thinking and dreaming, while petting her cat. But she was okay. It was the life she knew, the life she choose.

One, seemingly insignificant, evening she went out with her roommate. She wasn’t suppose to go, wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Until she saw him. He wasn’t the most handsomest guy, his looks weren’t perfect and his voice didn’t made everybody stop but she felt herself drawn towards him. Her eyes kept wandering over to him and her heart jumped when he came to talk to her.

The rest of the night they kept running into each other and every time her heart jumped a little bit higher than before. They got drunk together, kissed and by the end of the night she realized that she had fallen. Madly, deeply and stupidly fallen for this stranger,

They traded numbers and promised to stay in touch. When she got home, she couldn’t sleep, whenever she closed her eye, she saw a complete new, exciting life that she would choose over everything. She spend the week dreaming, hoping and when she finally picked up all of her courage, she send him a message.  They talked a little, but that’s not how life goes. So they didn’t talked again, she had to go back to her old, familiar life and let the dreams fly away with the others into the air, until there was nothing left to lighten up her day.