”Sometimes I do smart things. Sometimes I do dumb things. Most of the time I don’t do anything.” ― Gorilla Rising Hintz

So, about two weeks ago my university started again, which is great because I kinda fell into a black hole when I got back from Australia –which were the best months ever-. The only problem is that I only have two days of lectures, which means 5 days of doing nothing. Which I would normally fill with work, but I had to quit my job to go to Australia, so I’m jobless. Woo-freaking-hoo. I have had one job interview so far, but didn’t get it. Bummer. This means that the last five days, I have been filling my days with the most unnecessary things ever. To give you an idea of my past week, I’ve been:

  • Coming up with the best way to organize my DVD’s and books. I haven’t actually organized them, I just spend heaps time thinking of the best way to do it. (conclusion: The books will be sorted by Author (alphabetical) and then on alphabetical order. The DVD’s will be sorted into series, groups (Disney) and the rest in alphabetical order.) Now I only need to find the time (or maybe the mood) to actually start on sorting them.
  • Annoying my cat. She might sorta hate me now, I wouldn’t be too surprised. But she’s so cute when she’s sleeping so I just have to pet her. She used to be super happy when I spent a whole day with her, but now she rather sleeps down stairs during the day. Oops.
  • Plucking my leg hair with tweezers. Yes, I was THAT bored. It’s quite entertaining though, leg hairs are very different from normal hair or eyebrow hair, so it was 15 minutes well spent. Very painful though and there are a lot of hairs to be plucked. (Yes, I haven’t shaved my legs in a while. I was trying to look like my cat –she looks stunning in it- but it’s not really working so far. Where my cat looks like a cat, my legs look like the chin of a 15 year old boy who tries to grow a beard.)
  •  Looking up random things on the internet.  Did you know that new Yorkers bite 10 times as many people than sharks… Or that the hollow part behind your knee has a name? Hough, apparently. Things like this are always useful to know! My personal favorite is that people – apparently- sneeze the same way as they orgasm.
  • Flirting with a guy over Facebook. Since I’m horrible at flirting, it’s the guy (a friend from Sydney) flirting and me answering very un-charming. Which results in conversations like the one below. Yes, very interesting to talk to me…And yes, that was an actual conversation.


Basically, the last week I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff that was not useful (except maybe the flirting part, which was nice. Crappy that the guy lives on the other side of the world, but we’ll see what happens.) Anyway, I had a lot of things I should have done this week (like homework, finishing up my internship assignment –which is terribly overdue. I promises to start on Tuesday! Or maybe Wednesday…-  looking for a job –also, Tuesday!- or actually sorting out my books and DVD’s. But since I haven’t been doing my homework and it needs to be done tomorrow, I’m off to research everything the media is saying about Megan Fox 🙂