High in the sky.

One night I woke up and looked at the sky. It was dark and I was alone, like usual. The evening wasn’t bad, it was actually quite alright but now I was here, alone. There was a moon, which gave a pale light to the world. There were no stars. I was alone in the darkness., without the comfort of a friend or even a pet. The next night I woke again and looked up.  A single start appeared in the sky. Brighter than any star before. Just one star. I stayed awake, looking at this one star, lonely in the sky. Somehow while looking at this star, I didn’t felt alone anymore. The next night the star was in the sky again, still shining it’s bright light on the world. I watched until the first rays on shunshine touched the earth and the star’s bright light started to fade. That day I kept thinking about the star and when the night came I couldn’t wait for it the appear. It did and I looked. This went on for a long time, the night was our time. I would look to the star and the star would shine it’s light on me.I was at peace, with myself and the world. During the day, everything seemed a bit brighter, a bit happier. Life in general seemed better.

Untill one night, it disappeared. It went away in a flash and the darkness was back. Only this time it looked darker. The emptiness was bigger and the silence had never been that silent. I was alone again, but even more than before, for now I knew what I was missing. The world went back to being it´s usual, grey self. The people became dull, just like the days they tried to fill.

After a week a new star appeared, ever more brighter and I looked at it for a while. But I  knew this star would also burn out, eventually, and the darkness would be back again. But I couldn’t stop looking, even though I knew the ending. And for that moment, the world was shining again.