Sydney, part 1

‘So, what pub are we going to? Any ideas?

No. No freaking idea. I just arrived here yesterday, with my brother, who doesn’t go out. How am I supposed to know which pubs are nice. Or cheap. Hm, better  not to say that though.  Better to be friendly and not sarcastic of any sorts. They’re nice enough to ask me to go with them, don’t screw it up now! So far, we just left it hostel, it’s pretty fun! And that guy is actually kinda hot. Not is a ‘brad pitt’ way, but there’s something about him. Let’s just say he has some sort of ‘x-factor’.

Just shrug, maybe light up a cigarette. Plenty of those left, good thing I didn’t smoke that much the last week. Let do that. But! Keep on walking, make it look cool.

Oy! This pub looks nice. Wanna go in there?’

 Forgot about him. The other guy, who let the hot guy money so the hot guy could go out. Can’t say I’m not thankful for that. He looks a bit like a monkey with is flappy ears. Reminds me of an old colleague of mine. Nice guy but not very attractive… Well, who cares? It’s not like I’m actually planning to do something with them. Just a nice drink, gonna be cool. 

 Oh, they’re inside already. Oops. Next question, what am I going to drink? Wine? Nah, to girly. Liquor? Nah, to strong, better not to get too drunk, too soon. Beer it is then. But, what kind of beer? I don’t know the Australian beer protocol. When to drink which kind of beer. Or how it makes you look. But! Heineken! Saved by the well know green bottle. Hallelujah.

So, we’re going outside again. ‘hot guy’ smokes too, another pro. Too bad they’re both Irish and it’s sometimes hard to understand for me. Especially the ‘monkey guy’, but if I listen carefully, it’s allright. And as long they’re not talking to me, I don’t really need to understand it anyway.  

So, what do you do back home? You’re from Belgium right? The ‘monkey guy’ had turned  to me while ‘hot guy’ steals my lighter again, lights his cigarette and looks at me, or in my direction.

Ehm, no. I’m from Holland, not Belgium. Or Germany. But what I do back home? I’m a student, but he’s know that, they both do. I think.. Anyway.

“I work at a service flat for older people,  in the kitchen. Doing dishes,  cleaning and stuff. Not really fancy, but it’s alright.’’

Oh, me auntie works as cleaning lady in a kitchen too,  this one time a man told her she wasn’t important for the restaurant so she stopped working. Made the whole restaurant stop, she refused to go back to work before the man apologized. He did though.’

 Wow, the ‘hot guy’ drinks fast. Finished already. Not that I’m that far behind though actually. Up for next round, only this time insides. Easier to talk there, since we’ve made a new friend apparently. Him I don’t understand at all, I think he’s pretty drunk already. Keeps talking about jail, his ‘misses’ who’s upstairs and that they’re paying so much for the room but can’t get into a hostel. Riiiight, maybe because you’re 50, covered in tattoo’s and on probation? Not to mention you’re annoying and now is ‘hot guy’ annoying too! But maybe, he just drank a bit too quickly… Anyway, you go up to your misses, while we are going to a different pub. Without you knowing of course..

Aaaaand, we are waking again. Well, at least I’ll see something from Sydney @ night this way. And it fun, ‘hot guy’ is not just hot, he’s nice too! Monkey guy is a bit too much ‘look at me being funny and being so totally here’ but besides that, he’s nice too.

And wow, this pub looks fancy as fuck. Wow. A bit more pricey aswell. But hey, who cares. It’s fun, and with a couple of beers, we’re all talking more.

When the ‘monkey guy’ goes to the toilet, me and ‘hot guy’ somehow get to the subject of pets, stories about my cat and two dogs are being told, until he asks me what kind of dogs they are. Since I have no idea how to tell that in English, I show him some pictures. ‘Holy shit, what is that on his neck? That’s huge!’

 oh, forgot about that. The tumor…yeah, so ehm..

“yeah, she had a tumor, quite big. The vet removed the most of it before we went here. But yeah, it was quite big. Took only six months to grow.’

He’s shocked. ‘six months? Wow, that not much’ everybody’s shocked when they see the pictures. But, she’s fine actually. Nobody knows for how long, but it didn’t hurt her or anything.

‘Monkey’  guy is coming back so the conversation is back to pets. Not long before we decided to go back to the hostel. ‘Hot guy’ buys a couple of beers for in the hostel and steals a cigarette from a girl who thinks I’m his girlfriend. Hm, funny.