love = broken hearts








yup, did it again. Dunno how I always do this, but I attract the wrong people or something.

There was this guy, and I liked him so much. He was actually the first guy after my first boyfriend, who I saw a future with. Since he said he liked me too, I sort off allowed myself to hope and dream about it. Shared some stuff nobody know and just felt like it was some sort of home.

Then, he started to cancel. Not once, not twice but almost every date we made. So,I figured he lied, didn’t liked me and just wanted sex. When I told him I couldn’t so it like this, he said he had other priorities and that was it. Didn’t spoke to him for over a month when then suddenly he started talking to me again, wanted to go on another date again and me, being the stupid person that I am, decided to give him another change. And guess what? He canceled AGAIN. And he had the nerves to tell me that I was complaining about it. So we had a little fight and I thought that I would never talk to him again. I was wrong.

A couple of hours later he texted me again. Saying that we should talk things over so we both knew what we wanted and stuff. So we made another date. Think you can guess what happend? He canceld. Again. And so sorry or anything. Like it was the most normal thing to do in the world. He was like:’ yeah, I like being with you, but only when I have no other plans or other things to do.’ Ehm, ooo-kay? Thanks, that really makes me feel good about myself. Ass.

But, at least I learned something. Now I know what I what in a relationship. It still sucks though.